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Very interesting articles from Leah Betancourt. As a moderator, this 10 tips would definitely help me to promote our Knowledge Management communities.

10 tips for Increasing Community Engagement:

1. Make It Easy to Participate

2. Be a Leader

3. Interact With the Community

4. Welcome Newbies

5. Identify and Nurture Power Users

6. Showcase and Cross Promote UGC

7. Reward Contributors

8. Be Timely About Posting UGC

9. Allow Profile Creation

10. Engage With Popular Existing Communities


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Recently I presented on CMS: Process, Design & Implementation (Presentation Link) as part of the annual Dr. T.B. Rajashekar Memorial Seminar on Content Management.011

Tough I was more than happy to present at such an event; I was not prepared for the overwhelming participation and response that awaited me at the seminar. The students were full of questions by the time I was done with my presentation. So much so the questions and answers session went well into the lunch break. The success of the presentation at the forum, encourages me to share the matter over my blog to all fellow content management enthusiast…


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Venkatesh Rao (a web technology researcher at Xerox) is not very fond of KM especially the Knowledge  Managers. Here is what he has to say… Interesting!


Really, there is no war between KM and SM. Here, more important is how KM and SM helps to meet company goals and business objectives. His view on KM is not correct. He comes from technical background and blaming Knowledge Managers, not a create idea. And also, KM strongly believe in people aspect, technology is the secondary aspect in any Web 2.0 or KM implementation. If no one use Web 2.0 tool in enterprise, then what is the use of this tool. So, what I think KM and SM both should come under same umbrella to achieve the organization goal.

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After coming from Hyderabad, this was the second NCSI-Net Meeting, I attended. I gave the talk on “The Potential of Enterprise Social Networking in Organizations”. It was a very good discussing and my NCSI-NET alumni member are very aware of this great initiatives in enterprise. And all shared their experience on this great platform.

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