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Adam Vincenzini from The Comms Corner Blog, picked the 99 most useful social media (and PR) posts of 2009. He divides all the links into these categories: general social media, Twitter, PR, Facebook/LinkedIn, case studies, mobile/content/SEO/other, and his own posts. I hope, bellow his list of post would be very useful to all those who are very intrested on Social Media.

Social Media (General) (20)

1. 30 top Blogs for social media updates
2. 20 social media best practice tips*
3. 33 hot social media tips
4. 5 ways to fan the viral flame*
5. 10 reasons why you should use Hootsuite
6. How to make time for social media*
7. 3 quick tips to connect your website to social media
8. Top tools for social media monitoring*
9. 10 ways to improve your social media karma
10. 3 Tips for better social media management
11. Video: Social Media Revolution*
12.Social Media tactics for non-profit organisations
13. Why foursquare is the next big social network
14. 5 ways to make your site more social
15. 10 essential social media blogs you should follow / bookmark
16. Top 10 Freebies for Social Media Marketing
17.Simon Mainwaring’s special interview with Rishad Tobaccowala On Advertising’s Digital and Social Media Future
18. What you need to know about running a social media programme – The client*
19. What you need to know about running a social media programme – The product*
What you need to know about running a social media programme – The audience*
20. 25 Social media marketing tips from Dell, HP, Ford and more

Twitter (10)

21. 10 Twitter tools to help you track and perform better*
22. The ultimate Twitter applications list
23. 5 Twitter rules for business
24. Discover who ‘favourites’ your Tweets
25. 8 photo and video sharing tools for Twitter you may not have seen
26. The three E’s of Twitter*
27. 5 must do Twitter style tips
28. A twitter mini guide: 60 useful twitter resources (basics)
29. How to be a useful Twitter user and receiver
30. 62 ways to use Twitter for Business

Blogging (10)

31. 101 ways to promote a new blog*
32. 11 ways to increase your RSS subscriptions
33. 58 ways to build a better blog*
34. 10 ways Blogging will simplify your marketing programme
35. Why guest Bloggers are great for a Blog
36. 10 great corporate blogs
37. 9 vital statistics for tracking site traffic
38. How to put tour blog / website on google news
39. 101 blogging tips I learned in 2009
40. 10 ways to think up new post ideas*

PR (10)

41. 15 ways PR can help social media*
42. How to pitch to Mashable
43. A media relations tool for Twitter
44. The best social media tools for PR professionals*
45 PR: From begging to earning attention
46. 15 ways to measure return on engagement (ROE) of Social Media
47. 6 PR Facts Every Marketer Must Know
48. 6 indicators of hope in PR measurement
49. 5 new online tools for PR pros
50. The top 100 PR websites of 2009

Facebook / LinkedIn (10)

51. 20 facebook tips and tricks you might not know about
52. 10 steps make your facebook page shine
53. How to create the perfect facebook fan page
54. 5 tips for optimizing your facebook page
55. 5 tips for getting more from facebook*
56. 5 tips for getting more from LinkedIn*
57. 6 ways to use LinkedIn
58. 33 ways to use LinkedIn for business
59. 8 tips for managing LinkedIn Groups*
60. A collection of ten more great Blog posts about LinkedIn

Case Studies / In Action (10)

61. Case studies of four brands using social media
62. 9 marketing lessons of the pink ribbon Cancer campaign
63. Video: Burger King Whopper Sacrifice (Facebook Campaign)*
64. Video: The clever launch of the Seat Ibiza in Israel
65. Social Media Policies of 113 Organisations
66. Video: Cannes PR Lions Finalist: The £10m Tongue (Costa Coffee)*
66. 30 UK Social Media case Studies*
67. Dairy queen: how it uses social media
68. 6 Social Media Marketing Case Study Lessons
69. HBO’s integrated campaign for True Blood
70. Peter Kim’s comprehensive Wiki of social media marketing campaigns *

Mobile / Content / Measurement / SEO / Other (20)

71. 50 top creative Blogs*
72. How to determine your internet marketing budget
73. The 75 best business blogs of 2009
74. 5 easy ways to optimize your site for Bing
75. Companies Engaging in Social Media Have Higher Financial Performance
76. Ways to influence people online
77. 5 ways to beat the SEO competition in Google
78. 100 useful bookmarklets for better productivity (ultimate list)*
79. 40 Search / SEO Case Studies
80. 10 Tips for Writing bokkmarkable content
81. 15 best places to get free stock photos online*
82. 5 simple ways to create a content culture at your company
83. The five factors of compelling content
84. The benefits of the very under-rated DABR mobile Twitter app
85. 30 iPhone apps reviewed
86. An early look at Foursquare and Gowalla
87. A ‘B’ listers first thoughts on Google Wave
88. 3 financial dangers of social media
90. How to achieve audience participation in 2010 (customer engagement research report)

Finally, some stuff from Adam Vincenzini (9)

91. 10 things I’ve learnt about social media
92. My top 29 communications blogs /sites of 2009
93. 10 top Twitter / Social Media Apps for Comms pros
94. Video: The World’s Most Well Crafted Brand
95. 10 most over-used words in press releases.html
96. Social media adoption curve / life stages: The report
97. 5 Italian traits that Brands / People should adopt for social media success
98. Why ‘So What?’ is the most important question in PR…and always will be
99. 10 Celebs you wont see fronting PR campaigns in 2010


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It has been long time that I did not blog. I started with WordPress , then I forgot URL . And then created a blog in blogspot. Then got interested on blogging behind the firewall, created personal blog in Deloitte blogging server. I was the second active blogger in Deloitte. Then I came to know that the disadvantage of blogging inside the firewall. I am not able migrate my own personal blog because I changed my company. My personal blog become company’s property. My tacit knowledge become companies explicit knowledge. Now I came to know that, it is better to keep personal blog in common platform (internet).I created my blog again wordpress and mapped my blog with Digital Inspiration Map. This is a great tool to explore the complete list of people on either Google Maps or Google Earth. Hope this time I will be a active blogger, and I am eager interact with you all through this collaborative tool.

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