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Here is the list of objection in using social media, we all hear from people for using social media. Nick Shin listed these 30 objections in his blog post and also he gave some tips for how do you respond to these objections.

1. Why should I? I don’t need to. Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean I have to.

2. Fear of change; I’m going to stick to what works for our business; we’ve been fine without it

3. It costs too much

4. I’m in no hurry

5. I have no desire

6. It will require too many resources within our company

7. I’m worried about the legal ramifications/regulatory issues

8. It’s too risky; we’re better off doing nothing

9. You can’t measure it; social media results are not easily visible to non-users

10. We give up too much to the customer; privacy issues

11. We won’t make any money/no ROI potential; it will take too long to pay off

12. We can’t control the message

13. We want to control the message

14. It will take too long to implement

15. It’s just a blog, Twitter and Facebook- What’s that going to do?

16. Our customers are not on social networks/don’t use social media; Not our target market

17. It’s too complicated; we don’t know the first thing about social media

18. We can’t control our employees using it

19. We’re B2B so there is no reason for us to engage consumers

20. Don’t want to acknowledge negatives

21. Don’t have time to adapt to the technology

22. There is too much meaningless discussions online; no trust

23. Lack of expertise

24. We already do social networking, we have a facebook fan page.

25. We’re waiting for it to mature

26. We tried it and it didn’t work.

27. It doesn’t fit the company’s brand.

28. We can’t convince upper management/management doesn’t support it

29. I suffer from information overload so I don’t need anymore.

30. We’ll stick with traditional media


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Venkatesh Rao (a web technology researcher at Xerox) is not very fond of KM especially the Knowledge  Managers. Here is what he has to say… Interesting!


Really, there is no war between KM and SM. Here, more important is how KM and SM helps to meet company goals and business objectives. His view on KM is not correct. He comes from technical background and blaming Knowledge Managers, not a create idea. And also, KM strongly believe in people aspect, technology is the secondary aspect in any Web 2.0 or KM implementation. If no one use Web 2.0 tool in enterprise, then what is the use of this tool. So, what I think KM and SM both should come under same umbrella to achieve the organization goal.

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